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Artemis is a warrior goddess with a nurturing side.  It is only right that my company of the same name supports enterprises who align with her and with my values as a business women.

There are organisations that have received my ongoing support. 

Business Council for Peace

Artemis has supported this organisation for over 15 years. BCP does a fantastic job of helping entrepreneurs in countries recovering from conflict to and grow successful businesses, create employments and build a peaceful future.


Locker Room

As a former elite sportswoman (we're talking the 1980's), I have lived and experienced the invisibility of women's sport.  I am delighted to see that is changing.  Artemis supports Locker Room, which is part of, dedicated to in-depth coverage of women's sport.

MY FOCUS FOR 2020 - update April 2020

"How are you doing?"  The most asked and listened to question at the moment.  I hope that you, your family and loved ones are well.

When I  look at what I wrote below about my plans for 2020 I see the huge disruption in how I intended to be working.  I'm unlikely to travel to the US this year to do daring work with people in sport alongside my mate Katie.  I'll be doing less face to face facilitation and coaching. And yet, I see little change in what I will be offering.  Now more than ever the world needs courageous leaders with the tools to lead in this time of complexity and uncertainty.  I will continue to work with leaders in New Zealand and around the world, supporting them to be brave and resourceful.  Let me know if you need some support in that area

I'm excited about what's already planned for this year.  And really looking forward to new adventures I don't even know about yet!  Here's what will be happening for me on the work front this year.

This will be another big year for courage-building

When Brené released her book Dare to Lead in 2018, the leadership focused Certified Daring Way Facilitators were invited to start their learning programme to become Certified Dare to Lead Facilitators.  Brené expects that the rigour of her research is matched by those of us privileged to take her work to the world.

I loved bringing Dare to Lead to life in my coaching sessions, workshops and Dare to Lead specific workshops that I facilitated with my friend and courage collaborator Mary Beth Robles.  I'm very excited to be offering an updated Dare to Lead curriculum this year.  It is a powerful and practical skills-building programme. This will be a big part of my work this year.

In October I will be heading to Courage Camp in Texas for a gathering of Daring Way facilitators and co-facilitating a courage-building retreat.

Brave athletes

This work started in 2018 with a new collaboration with Dr Katie Kilty from the USA.  It's all about equipping athletes and coaches to play the bigger game of life, so they thrive in life and sport.  "Better people make better athletes."  (Adapted from a Brian Lochore quote.)

Katie and I are both Certified Dare to Lead and Daring Way facilitators, so this work draws heavily on this work.  This year I will be travelling to the USA to deliver our custom-designed sports leadership programme.  

Adult development focus

In 2018 I set out to get my Leadership Circle certification.  The Leadership Circle is a powerful 360 leadership assessment built on a vast array of research, including adult development.

In 2019 I embarked on a coach development programme called  Growth Edge Coaching which also focuses on adult development.  This programme blew me away as I discovered more about how we make sense of the world and deal with complexity. I'm really looking forward to this learning and integrating it into my coaching practice.


Growing effective people

 I've been a facilitator for Collective Intelligence for around six years and just love this work.  I facilitate three groups and have seen the fantastic results for members.


Collective Intelligence brings together teams of leaders and entrepreneurs who start off as strangers and end up being trusted, business confidants.  Groups meet three times a year in highly structured confidential sessions focused on getting tangible actions for team members.  I'm looking forward to the first round of meetings in early 2020.