The Life Star:
Wellbeing and Resilience Navigator

I created the Life Star to help people simplify and prioritise their wellbeing and regenerative resilience.  In these times when we feel stressed, overwhelmed, and confused about health messages,  I wanted to create an easy to use system that would positively impact peoples’ lives. 

Regenerative Resilience

Each point of the star is an area that contributes to us living well, and building our
regenerative resilience to deal with tough times. When your star is out of balance, you are relying on your resilience reserves to keep going. The more in balance your life star is, the more resilience reserves you will have. It’s about striving for balance across all the points of the star. And yes, one activity can be in more than one area of the star. For example,  training for a marathon can be both a 'move' and an 'achieve' point on the star.

The Life Star in practice -
Intentional wellbeing and resilience for you and your organisation

The LIfe Star can be used by individuals or as part of wellbeing and resilience work in the health care setting, or in organisations.


Step 1: The Life Star Scan - How's your Life Star looking?

Step 2: Plan and intention setting - Setting up your personal prescription.

Step 3: Practice and check-in - Balance between energy in and energy out.

Step 4: Habit tracking - How you live well.

Part 1: Your life star scan

What does your Life Star look like?  The first step is to use the star and do a scan.  Click here to get your free Life Star Scan worksheet.

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